Mozilla: Another Free Market Failure

by wisdomhunt

In March, Mozilla appointed Brandon Eich to be its new CEO.

If you aren’t familiar with the kooks at Mozilla, they are the makers of the Firefox browser, probably the most pro-terrorist browser on the market.

I call them pro-terrorist because, back when all this NSA nonsense was first making headlines, they actually petitioned the NSA to “stop spying on us” and are very openly anti-NSA. If you are “anti-NSA”, then ipso facto, you are pro-terrorist.

So you can only imagine my lack of surprise when they appointed the kook Eich to be their CEO (I personally started my Mozilla boycott as soon as I found out about Eich’s $2500 donation to the king kook, Ron Paul, campaign).

Well it turns out that Eich also donated $1000 California’s Proposition 8 that led to a voter-approved state constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.

I guess these crimes of the mind make Eich the perfect candidate for a company like Mozilla.

Like any other non-kook, I believe that this cannot stand. In the Civil Rights Act of 1964, our wise government leaders mandated that you cannot discriminate against anyone, for any reason, on your own private property. That means you cannot deny service to anyone, no matter who they are (unless they are a concealed-carry or other similar anarchic, Ron Paul supporting kook of course).

Eich has committed the crime of not being politically correct. We all know that the only way to efficiently remedy this is through legislation and for that reason I have written to my government overlords to demand that they immediately ban Firefox as a browser option, as well as any other Mozilla products. I suggest you do the same.

I think that, with enough support from readers like you, we can probably get this legislature fast-tracked to have it drafted within a year to 18 months, give it another 6 months to garner support, and then another 6 months to move through the various stages of getting passed. So optimistically, we can have Mozilla taken down within 2 to 2.5 years!

This issue is too important to leave up to the free market. As always, government force is most efficient and fastest way to force society to do the right thing.

UPDATE (11 days later)

Well the website OK Cupid kicked things off by posting the above splash page when anyone tried to visit OK Cupid using Firefox. Eleven days later, Eich has resigned.

Now some might say this is proof that the free market is far more effective at negating discrimination than political edicts, but I of course that is nonsense.

This is just a fluke occurrence and not in any way proof that we as a society can freely decide who we choose to associate with. Societal pressures that come of free association will never result in a better solution than government mandates can provide.

We as a society need to continue to stand up and demand that those who do not think the way we want them to think be forced to act (and think) in a politically correct way.

We cannot solve the issue of discrimination simply by counting on free association to result in a boycott of a business and change their behavior.