Adam Kokesh (Kookesh?)

by wisdomhunt

Adam Kokesh (Kookesh) is an ex-marine, self-described anarcho-capitalist and kook. He hosted an online radio/youtube show called Adam vs. The Man.

I say “hosted” because Kookesh fought The Man and the The Man won. He is now locked away in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, charged with sedition (incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.). The charge stems from this video that Adam made on July 4th:

The video shows Kookesh loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza in Washington DC and calling for a revolution:

0:00 we will not be silent
0:02 we will not bow beg
0:04 we will not
0:05 allowed his government’s to destroy our humanity
0:11 we are
0:15 the final
0:17 americans
0:18 revolution
0:20 see you next independence day

So as you can see, Kookesh is a dangerous character. He loaded a shotgun only “blocks” from the White House! He could have easily marched down there and sprayed shotgun pellets onto the White House lawn, possibly killing a pigeon or creating problems for the presidential mower blades when they try to mow the grass there.

For that reason, I say we add the charge of “possible thoughts of terrorism” to the charge of sedition. Free speech is one thing, but free speech against our wonderful government is another thing completely. It simply cannot be tolerated.

I cannot stress strongly enough how dangerous it is for citizens to question their government, especially the monopoly on force that the government has.

Only the government can be trusted to use force against citizens. We cannot allow citizens to try and protect themselves. We should all rest much easier knowing that people like Kookesh, who has not committed a single act of force against another human being since leaving the military, is locked up.

Locked up by a government that drones women and children overseas, locks away millions of non-violent drug offenders, spies on its citizens’ every communication, and throws dangerous kooks like Kookesh in prison for speaking out against it.

Sleep safely citizens.

(If you would like to learn more about how dangerous Kokesh is, you can do so here)