Kook of the Week: Edward Snowden

by wisdomhunt

It didn’t take long for the NSA to track down the new public enemy number #1: Edward Snowden

Pure evil

Well actually, he gave up his own identity and ran off to Hong Kong like a coward, but I have no doubt the NSA would have found out who he is eventually. They know about every single digital communication transmitted almost everywhere in the world. They probably know what you are thinking right now and just put you on a list for visiting this blog.

Anyhow, Snowden will be disappeared soon enough I’m sure. I praise Obama every day that we have the NDAA and I can’t wait until this traitor Snowden gets NDAA’ed.

Trust your government. Trust the NSA. If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear. Don’t be an evil Edward Snowden.

All that said, is it any wonder that Snowden was a Ron Paul supporting kook? I would have bet my life on that, and I would have won:

NSA Whistleblower a Ron Paul Supporter

How long will it be before the NSA uses its vast databases to round up ALL the Ron Paul supporters and lock them away before they commit any more pre-crimes?

Not soon enough.