Saturday Book Review: Ron Paul Liberty Defined: Global Warming

by wisdomhunt

If I can stomach it, I intend to review Liberty Defined chapter-by-chapter so that you never have to read it.

You can count me among the global-warming skeptics…I seriously doubt the capacity of a global body made up of bureaucrats and scientists on the public payroll, when given power to attempt a global climate manipulation, to cook up a workable plan with effects that cannot be discerned for twenty or more years.

SPOILER: Ron Paul thinks global warming may be another conspiracy cooked up by the misincentives of government.

And of course, he doesn’t think that a “global body made up of bureaucrats and scientists on the public payroll” can come up with a workable solution. Well if not, then we are doomed because there is no one better to fix a problem that may or may not even exist to begin with.

Yet in this chapter, Dr. Paul does not really offer an alternative solution. I suppose he just thinks that the “free market” will somehow solve the problem, but we all know that the profit motive will not work for a public good such as the atmosphere.

Perhaps he thinks we should own the air we breathe and the lakes and rivers where we get our water, just like we own the land where we farm our food and build our shelter.

As if private owners would then take better care of these natural resources than the government administrators that grant corporations the right to pollute them at will.

But that is nonsense of course. The solution to global warming, as with everything else, lies in more government intervention to rectify the problems created by the original government intervention of granting corporations the right to pollute public property at will.

The solution will never be less government.

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