Patriot of the Week: CISPA Co-author Mike Rogers

by wisdomhunt

When pondering the reasons for certain government policies and legislation, it is important to consider the underlying incentives.

As I mentioned yesterday, The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is an absolutely crucial piece of legislation that will help the government keep us safer. How will it accomplish this? Well by sharing any and all personal information transmitted over the internet with whichever government entity is requesting it of course. This will allow the government to know pretty much everything that you are doing online and thus allow the government to monitor any and all threats.

This week’s Patriot of the Week, CISPA co-author Mike Rogers, has been fighting tirelessly to get this legislation passed so that Americans will be safer. As he correctly stated recently, the only opposition to CISPA is from 14 year olds in their basement.

Rogers (and America) got his wish when CISPA passed the House of Representatives 288 to 127 last Thursday.

So back to incentives. Mike Rogers has been motivated purely by his patriotism in getting this bill passed. The resounding vote of confidence he received in the House is testament to this fact. If there were any biases at all, they would have been vetted in the voting process of course.

So what is the motive behind his unbiased push for the passage is CISPA? I can only speculate, but it is likely due to his knowledge of the dangers of cybercrimes from a whole host of cyberterrorist cyberkooks out there waiting to cyberrob us and cyberkill us and cyberspit on our cybercorpses. His knowledge of such cyberdangers is likely unmatched, except by one person. His wife.

You see, Mike Rogers’ wife is the former CEO of Aegis LLC, a security defense contractor that she helped secure a $10 billion contract with the government. She is currently a managing director at lobbying firm Manatt where she assists with “defense and homeland security sectors, as well as senior executive service in the federal government.” She is undoubtedly very involved in protecting America via her private sector positions.

So who better to advise Rep. Rogers on the necessity of CISPA than someone who makes their living off the business derived by such legislation?

Let Rep. Rogers know how you support his unbiased patriotism here.