Kook of the Week: Anti-CISPA Anonymous Members

by wisdomhunt

We have had hints from Obama as recently as his state of the union address that The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, might still happen. Well we are now one step closer to that glorious day when all internet communications will be shared with the government.

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is an absolutely crucial piece of legislation that will help the government keep us safer. How will it accomplish this? Well by sharing any and all personal information transmitted over the internet with whichever government entity is requesting it of course. This will allow the government to know pretty much everything that you are doing online and thus allow the government to monitor any and all threats.

For those of you worried about privacy, that must mean that you have something to hide. What are you afraid of? I’m so unafraid of privacy that I have already preemptively set up a webcam in my bathroom and given my email passwords to the NSA and IRS. I have nothing to fear.

Thankfully, CISPA passed the House of Representatives 288 to 127 last Thursday and is headed for a vote in the Senate soon. A great bit of news in the week of bad news just passed.

I see this CISPA news as a sign that the dark cloud over the country could pass this week. CISPA should sail through the Senate and then hit Obama’s desk posthaste.

But then I saw this:

Thank goodness that nobody takes Anonymous seriously and that they have no power or political sway. Wikipedia, Reddit and others were able to kill CISPA’s predecessors SOPA and PIPA, but don’t expect Anonymous to be able to gain much traction this time

In fact, you should take this as another sign of how good CISPA must be if Anonymous, Wisdom Hunt’s Kooks of the Week, are in opposition.

Sleep safely citizens.