Patriot of the Week: Members of the House Intelligence Committee

by wisdomhunt

Similar to its predecessors SOPA and PIPA, CISPA is another attempt by the government to try and protect you and your internet. How does it do this? By “formally legalizing the practice of sending personal user data to government agencies, including the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency.”

Thankfully for US citizens, the patriotic members of the House Intelligence Committee voted 18 to 2 yesterday to approve amendments to CISPA so that it can once again be voted on in the house and senate. This vote is expected to occur as early as next week.

CISPA is absolutely necessary legislation. Similar to drones, if you aren’t doing anything illegal then you have nothing to fear from the government spying and gathering data about everything you do. Besides, the IRS is already reading your emails and you didn’t even know it, so why fear more surveillance?

Please write Mike Rogers, one of the lead authors of the CISPA legislation, to express your support here.

Oh, and sleep safely citizens.