Kook Alert: Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

by wisdomhunt

Just last weekend, in my ongoing review of Ron Paul’s book Liberty Defined, I dissected his kooky ideas about education. Now Ron Paul has officially announced the new Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum.

I am rarely worried about the rumblings of the kook minority, and I am not particularly worried about this new announcement. The power and the wisdom of the state will prevail. However, I do feel the need to provide an early warning alert to anyone looking into this dangerous venture.

To start, we simply cannot entrust the education of the future generation of Americans to parents. Parents do not know what is best for their own children. They must be molded by a standardized federal government curriculum that is uniform across the entire country, regardless of race, age, gender, socioeconomic class, etc. How can we regulate homeschool curriculums and entrust that they are teaching the proper things to young Americans?

So before I even get into the dangers of the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum, I should state that I believe homeschooling should be banned. Barring a full ban, it should be strictly licensed and regulated to ensure the proper government-approved ideas are being taught.

From what I can discern so far about the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum specifically, there are some huge warning signs:

1. No Textbooks – textbooks are approved books that summarize ideas into government committee-approved simplifications. Not using textbooks is the equivalent of creating a bunch of free-thinkers that will refer directly to the underlying reference materials and form their own opinions rather than parroting the bureaucrat-approved position from textbooks.

This is dangerous to say the least. It is the equivalent of teaching these young impressionable students to ignore the state and its rules and regulations.

The chaos that could result from a generation brought up with this creative mindset is difficult to fathom.

2. Understand Austrian Economics Austrian economics is nonsense, which is why it is so derided by the greatest economist of our time: Nobel Prize-winning-Princeton-economics-professor-and-New York Times-columnist Paul Krugman. Enough said.

Ron Paul might as well say, “We will teach the anatomy of unicorns in our biology curriculum.”

3. K-5 is Free – You know what else is free? Public education (at a cost of only $11,000 in tax money per student, of course).

I urge all WisdomHunt readers concerned about this dangerous new Ron Paul venture to share this video with anyone they know that might be interested in these ideas to scare them off: