Patriot of the Week: Rand Paul the Militarist

by wisdomhunt

I can hear your thoughts now – Rand Paul as Patriot of the Week? One of the highest honors an American can earn? Didn’t you just call him a half kook a few posts ago?

Well even a half kook like Rand is right the other half of the time, and this week is one of those times.

In an interview this week, Rand made the following statements:

I think having some places and bases where we could orchestrate attacks if we had to, if there’s a regrouping of people, wouldn’t be too unreasonable…There are some who want to come completely home. Some want to stay forever. And the answer might be somewhere in the middle that we’ll still have bases in places, but we don’t necessarily have to maybe have 900 bases. Maybe we have less…

“Less” is pretty vague, which is why I like Rand. He knows we need our 900 military bases, but in order to throw a bone to his father’s full kook disciples he talks about having “less”. Like 899 maybe.

Compare this to his father’s comments during the run-up to the Republican nomination when he was asked which bases on foreign soil he would like to see closed:

All of them.

Rand Paul is no Ron Paul, thank goodness, and the more kooks he can trick into joining the mainstream the better this country will be.