by wisdomhunt

At this point, we have all been touched personally by the horror that is the sequester. There have been draconian (love that word) cuts in all manner of important government programs. Just look at the chart above and try not to have nightmares.

The effects have been immediate and dire:

Cancer patients turned away as sequester digs into Medicare

Congress to cut 9/11 first responders’ benefits

FAA chief: Flights at major hubs face 90-minute delays

So in this time of need for so many poor government workers, and citizens like you and me that rely upon them, I was cheered to see two solidarity moves by Obama this week:

In a Budget Gesture, Obama Will Return 5% of His Salary


Obama launches $100 million brain mapping project

So how does Obama come up with $100 million for a brain mapping project, while simultaneously giving up 5% of his own salary? Don’t ask questions, just be happy that we can still “get things done” that need to get done, such as brain mapping, in the middle of this sequester crisis.

And also get angry at the airport and other places where government budget cuts were designed to affect you directly so that you demand bigger government. Maybe then we can have even more cake and eat it too.