Patriot of the Week: FDA Deputy Commissioner Michael Taylor

by wisdomhunt

The kooks are up in arms about H.R. 933, referring to it as the Monsanto Protection Act. The completely necessary bill is actually a continuous spending resolution bill that, using a typical government efficiency move, includes a few Easter egg items deeper within the bill.

One of those items is on page 78 and it protects Monsanto, a company helping to feed the world I might add.

I’m not going to say I’ve read the bill, and neither has anyone that signed it I’m sure. Sometimes you have to delegate such matters. If it protects Monsanto though, I say all the better. Monsanto is a good, taxpaying corporation that (I may have mentioned this) is helping to feed the world.

I’m sure that the Monsanto rider on this bill was due in no small part to Michael Taylor. Taylor is a former Monsanto lawyer, Monsanto lobbyist, Obama-appointed Deputy Commissioner of Foods at the FDA, and current Wisdom Hunt Patriot of the Week.

Without wise crony-capitalists like Taylor helping to craft policy and whisper in pols’ ears, how would any of this necessary legislation ever get passed? Everyone would surely starve instead of dying from obesity and other GMO-related diseases.

I have to admit, I could have chosen any number of other crony-capitalists from the below list, but Taylor seems to be particularly influential.