Kook of the Week: Anti-Drone Britons

by wisdomhunt

It is a well known conventional wisdom fact that there are literally infinite terrorists that hate us for our freedoms. They want to kill us and are an imminent threat to our liberty.

In order to prevent this, we must kill them first. At any cost.

But apparently our greatest allies, the Brits, don’t 100% agree. They only 54% agree.

That’s right, almost half of Britons are certifiable kooks. In a recent survey, only 54% stated that they believe in targeted killings of terrorists abroad. On top of that, when the question was changed to ask if they agree with targeted killings of terrorists if “two to three innocent lives” might also be lost in the process, then the approval rate dropped to only 43%!

So less than 50% of Britons agree that innocent civilians should be killed in order to kill individuals that the US government does not approve of and wants dead. Some allies.

For this insubordination, about 50% of Great Britain has earned the dishonor of Wisdom Hunt’s Kook of the Week.