Patriot of the Week: John McCain and Lindsey Graham Syria Edition!

by wisdomhunt

That’s right Wisdom Hunt readers, we have our first back-to-back Patriot of the Week winners! There is simply no one more deserving than these two war mongers. Last week they were honored for wanting to rightfully kill Americans without due process, and today it is for wanting to rightfully kill Syrians.

You see, in Syria we are backing the rebels against their evil dictator because he won’t play ball with America. Now the American-backed rebels are rumored to have used chemical weapons against Syrian citizens (but we can conveniently say that the government actually used them, of course). Oh, and our rebels also suicide bombed a bunch of civilians.

So what to do? Invade of course! Kill people to make them stop killing each other! Now! Yesterday!

And who better to lead the charge than McCain and Graham, your Wisdom Hunt Patriots of the Week (again!)

McCain and Graham are pushing for Obama to declare war in Syria if necessary. Against whom exactly? And why do we care? Because we’re America of course!

Feel our wrath, Arabs.