Kook of the Week: Gun-crazy Nelson, Georgia

by wisdomhunt

There is a new most dangerous city in the world, and it isn’t Rio, Bogota, Baghdad or even Karachi.

It is Nelson, Georgia. Population: 1,317 (give or take a person or two).

Last week, Nelson’s city council unanimously approved an ordinance requiring every household to own a firearm, ammunition and the know-how to use it.

In true kook fashion, the town ironically called the new law the “Family Protection Act”. According to the city council, the town only has one police officer on an 8 hour daily shift and he obviously can’t do his job sufficiently. They hope this will make criminals think twice before committing a crime in the small town.

Obviously, this is faulty logic though. Guns are not a deterrent or the federal government would not be trying to ban them in favor of a gun monopoly.

The one good thing I can say about this law is that the Nelson government is at least passing laws that force people to do something. Non-kooks like me might not agree with what they are forcing them to do, but government’s job is to pass laws and keep people in line so you can’t accuse the city council of sitting on their hands.

Nelson residents are set to vote on the mandate on April 1 – April Fool’s Day of course. If any residents survive to see April 2nd, I might have to dishonor the town again for approving this violent death sentence.