Patriot of the Week: John Brennan

by wisdomhunt

The Senate has recognized in John the qualities I value so much — his determination to keep America safe, his commitment to working with Congress, his ability to build relationships with foreign partners, and his fidelity to the values that define us as a nation.
~Dear Leader Barack Obama

Finally. Finally John Brennan has been confirmed as CIA director.

I say finally for two reasons. The first, of course, is because of half-kook Rand Paul’s weak (only 13 hours!) attempt at a filibuster.

The second reason is because this isn’t the first time John Brennan has been nominated to the post. Back in 2009, Obama nominated Brennan, but then scrapped the nomination due to Brennan’s involvement in Bush’s torture program.

Well, the second time is a charm as Brennan’s nomination was confirmed on Thursday, March 7. There is truly no better person to lead the CIA in these dangerous times, which was evident during his confirmation hearing.

When Brennan was asked by Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon if American citizens have a right to know if they might be killed on suspicions of terrorism, Brenna replied:

…any member of Al Qaeda, whether it be a US citizen or non-US citizen, needs to know that they have the right to surrender anytime anywhere throughout the world, and they can do so before that organization is destroyed.

Which is a very political way of saying, “no”, and also a very political way of avoiding the true question because who gets to decide if someone is a “member of Al Qaeda”? It isn’t like they wear around an official “Al Qaeda badge” or carry around a card identifying themselves as members. The subjective ability to determine that someone (including US citizens) is a threat is exactly what we need from our government.

We must rid the world of kooks, and a torturing, drone architecting John Brennan is just the man for the job.

I can’t agree more with Obama. Anyone that is called the “architect of America’s drone program” that was involved in Bush’s torture program definitely has a “fidelity to the values that define us as a nation.”

There is no better choice for Wisdom Hunt’s Patriot of the Week.