Half Kook Rand Paul Goes Full Kook

by wisdomhunt

It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States.
-Eric Holder

I’ve stated before how I kind of like Rand Paul because he endorsed Mitt Romney over his own father, supports foreign aid (to Israel of course) and wants to clamp down on the evil Iran. These halfway positions are why I call him a half-kook, as opposed to his full-kook father Ron Paul.

Well the half-kook Rand Paul finally got bit by the crazy bug that infected his father long ago.

Rand Paul filibustered the nomination of John Brennan to CIA Director for 13 hours straight, holding up the appointment of this necessary position. Brennan is the architect of the government’s very successful drone program overseas.

As part of the nomination process, Rand Paul sent letters to Brennan and others in the administration asking them to state their position on extrajudicial killings and drone use on United States territory. We already know the answer because Obama’s DOJ memo that makes the legal case for the assassination of American citizens has already leaked. Nevertheless, Eric Holder responded with the quote I lead this post with.

So clearly this is just another publicity stunt for Rand Paul as he gears up for the 2016 presidential election. He insists it is because he can’t get a straight answer from the administration on drone killings of US citizens without due process on US soil (it has already happened overseas – Awlaki).

If Obama doesn’t have the legal right to assassinate US citizens that he (and he alone) deems to be enemies and expendable, then who does? And why would he be willing to admit that he thinks he has this right?

If you were a politician intent on seizing more and more power over citizens and wanted to be able to take out enemies secretly, would you respond to some full-kook like Rand Paul about it? Of course not! You’d probably keep it as secret as possible so that the kooks you were about to take out (watch the skies, Rand!) had no idea it was coming.

So the filibuster is over, Rand Paul got some publicity (#StandWithRand was trending on Twitter – whoop-dee-doo), and nothing changes as long as no one wakes up.

Rand Paul can now go back to being the half-kook that he truly is.