Kook of the Week: Barrett Brown

by wisdomhunt

Barrett Brown is a well known member of the hacktivist group Anonymous. He is one of the more public members of the group as a result of his willingness to be UNanonymous by giving interviews and appearing in the documentary We Are Legion. He is also in jail.

Brown was arrested for “transferring and posting a hyperlink”. Yes, that is correct. He copied and pasted a link. This obviously ranks him up there with the top criminal masterminds of our time and is just another example of why freedom of speech really means “government-approved freedom of speech.”

This is clearly an important and necessary arrest and has nothing to do with my previous point that Brown is a very public face of the government hated (and feared – for good reason!) hactivist group Anonymous that has repeatedly embarrassed the government by exposing its secrets.

Brown is Wisdom Hunt’s Kook of the Week this week because he was recently found to be mentally competent to stand trial. This is hilarious in its ridiculousness – as if a person that fights against the government could ever be considered “mentally competent”. Nevertheless, the citizens of America should be rejoicing that this copying-and-pasting criminal mastermind will be off the streets for a long time.

Sleep safely citizens.