Patriot of the Week: John Kerry

by wisdomhunt

Amidst all the sequestration chaos, the many good deeds of our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, seem to have been overlooked. Wisdom Hunt is here to remedy that oversight today.

The last time Kerry received a lot of headlines was when he was losing the presidency to George W. Bush in 2004. We should all be happy to see this fine man back where he belongs: making headlines for expanding government.

During his busy week just passed, Kerry first spoke to a group of students in Germany. The speech advocated Americans’ “right to be stupid” (but not a right to be smart assuming that involves freedom of speech that isn’t government-approved such as this week’s Kook of the Week John Kirakou or Bradley Manning). If anyone is going to teach Germans about freedom of speech, it should be a government lifer like John Kerry.

Next up, Kerry provided $60M of your taxpayer money (or future taxpayer money – debt!) in aid to rebels in Syria. What could YOU do with $60M here in America? Not much, right? I should also mention that this is on top of $385M of “humanitarian” funds already given to Syria and $54M  in communications equipment, medical supplies, etc.

So I’ll restate –  what could YOU do with $60M + $385M + $54 = half a B (with a B) worth of funds right here in America? Americans would probably just also donate that half a B to Syrian rebels as well because that is the best use of our money, obviously. If it isn’t, why would Kerry would have done it?

For educating Germans and giving your money to Syrian rebels, freedom-lover John Kerry is Wisdom Hunt’s Patriot of the Week.