Kook of the Week: CIA Whistleblower John Kirakou

by wisdomhunt

Everybody knows that “freedom of speech” really means “government-approved freedom of speech”. Whether it is bans on certain books, arrests of peaceful protesters or decency laws that result in fines for television channels, freedom of speech has never really been “free”.

So of course, making public the CIA’s torture techniques is going to land you in prison (at best).

John Kirakou is a former CIA agent. He exposed CIA torture of detainees and even revealed the identity of one agent. For this heinous offense, he received a light 2.5 year sentence.

Anti-government whistleblowers are not something to be celebrated. This traitor should be ostracized and publicly shamed, but instead a posh party was thrown last weekend in his honor. According to WaPo:

Kiriakou, 48, seemed unbowed and almost content at the prospect of prison as he basked in the well wishes of about 100 supporters, who gathered for a posh send-off at the luxury hotel. The guests wore orange jumpsuits and other mock prison garb and serenaded Kiriakou with a reworked version of the protest anthem “Have You Been to Jail for Justice?”

For harming his country by exercising the right of freedom of speech, then being celebrated for doing so, John Kirakou has earned the dishonor of Wisdom Hunt’s Kook of the Week.

Sleep safely citizens.