Saturday Book Review: Liberty Defined by Ron Paul: Civil Disobedience

by wisdomhunt

If I can stomach it, I intend to review Liberty Defined chapter-by-chapter so that you never have to read it.

Civil disobedience is a process whereby the weak and defenseless can resist the violence perpetuated by the state. The great danger is that when government gets too powerful and abusive, a greater number of citizens give up on education, politics, and peaceful resistance to bring about change and drift toward violent resistance to the state. The line between them is always murky…

Murky is an understatement. How many “peaceful” resistance movements have resulted in the “rEVOLution” that Ron Paul’s kook disciples so desperately desire?

By pairing the term “civil” with disobedience, Ron Paul is trying to obscure the fact that he is trying to justify the actions of those that oppose the state. Rarely (ever?) is this completely peaceful.

If you are trying to oppose the state, then you are in the minority opposing the majority. We are not a dictatorial society here. We are a democracy and by opposing the actions of the state you are opposing the will of the majority of citizens that voted our rulers into power. Why should the minority be able to dictate to the majority how they want to live and what rules they do and do not abide by?

That’s not the democractic way, no matter if you call it “civil” or not. That’s the beauty of a democracy. We get the government we choose.

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