Patriot of the Week: FBI Counterterrorism Officers

by wisdomhunt

Another long overdue Patriot of the Week finally gets what is coming today: FBI Counterterrorism officers.

On February 8, the FBI announced that it had foiled yet another terrorist plot originating right here on American soil. A dangerous kook named Matthew Aaron Llaneza is now off the streets.

The FBI accomplished this feat by initiating, facilitating and then essentially executing the entire plot themselves. This particular case was different than other recent FBI arrests that involved impressionable young adults, unwilling kooks or mentally unstable foreigners that were coaxed into committing a non-terrorist act by the FBI. In this case, the terrorist that was arrested is a mentally ill bipolar, shizophrenic.

The heroes of the FBI convinced the mentally ill Llaneza that their agent was a member of Al Qaeda and could help him blow up a Bank of America in Oakland. This would then trigger a civil war in America (naturally!), so Llaneza went along with the plot because he is clearly a vicious terrorist.

Who knows would have happened if the brave men and women of the FBI hadn’t taken a schizophrenic, convinced him that he needed to start a civil war in the United States, provided him a fake bomb, given him the means to detonate it and then arrested him when he tried to do what they told him to do! My guess would be that this man would still be at home not blowing up fake bombs! Then how safe would we all be?

Convincing a mentally ill schizophrenic to try and blow up fake bombs provided by the FBI itself before swooping in to arrest their patsy is why I am proud to be an American. It is also a good example of why kooks that say our tax money goes to waste are fools.

And it is why the heroes of the FBI counterterrorism operations are Wisdom Hunt’s Patriot of the Week.

Sleep safely citizens.