Kook of the Week: Charlottesville and Seattle Anti-Drone Officials

by wisdomhunt

Drones are very popular in America because they allow our heroes in the military to murder pre-terrorists and their wives children. But it isn’t only Pakistan and Afghanistan that have a thought-crime problem. Right here in the United States of America we have a surplus (one is one too many) of kooks that need to be surveilled (or worse).

If someone might someday consider committing a crime, or just discussing anti-government rhetoric such as anarchy, they need to be watched and tracked closely. To accomplish this, it is predicted that by 2020 there will be 30,000 drones operating in US airspace.

Imagine how much safer we will all be when this happens; when the government can watch each person walking down the sidewalk and know who they are (facial recognition) and where they are headed based on their compiled database of that person’s daily schedule. Or consider if a neighbor calls in a noise complaint and the police can dispatch a drone to investigate by peeking through the windows undetected- possibly finding some dangerous marijuana in the process. Or perhaps they see your young daughter changing her clothes while getting ready for school and watch it from the safety of the police station (just kidding, that would NEVER happen). The more the government knows about us the better, and drones will be a valuable tool in achieving this.

Unfortunately, officials in two cities came out against these absolutely essential police state tools: Seattle and Charlottesville (VA).

Seattle citizens and their mayor are clearly a bunch of kooks. It was the resident protests against the drones that the mayor capitulated to. This was preceded by Charlottesville, Virginia becoming the first city in the country to ban drones when the city council voted 3-2 against using drones in the city.

If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear from drones (well as long as there is never a case of mistaken identity, political vindictiveness or any other type of police screw-up, ever).

For endangering their citizens, the politicians in Seattle and Charlottesville have earned the dishonor of Wisdom Hunt’s Kook of the Week.