CISPA Sequel

by wisdomhunt

There are so many necessary executive orders these days that it can be hard to keep up. I had been hankering for a CISPA for a while now and then I finally got it back in November.

Now tonight during Obama’s State of the Union address, I was surprised to learn that Obama passed another cybersecurity executive order. It is getting so tough to keep up with the rumors and facts of these orders that even Wisdom Hunt can’t sort it all out at times!

According to The Verge:

the President’s executive order should allow the government’s realtime cyber threat information to be shared with other firms outside the defense sector. It also puts the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a Commerce Department agency designed to foster the country’s development and research of new technologies, in charge of setting up best practices and a “framework” for private industry’s cybersecurity preparedness.

All good stuff. Anything that involves streamlining a process by mixing multiple government agencies with the private sector to “foster the country’s development and research of new technologies” is a slam-dunk-home-run-hole-in-one-sure-thing.

As usual, this doesn’t go quite far enough to protect us and foster creativity, but it is a good baby step. After all, the German empire of 1942 wasn’t built in a day!