Kook of the Week: Ron Paul

by wisdomhunt

It was inevitable that the pre-eminent kook of our time, Ron Paul, would earn the dishonor being Wisdom Hunt’s Kook of the Week eventually. As he inevitably fades into oblivion now that he has retired from Congress, I need to take advantage of the few trailing headlines he will generate to get this out of the way.

This could just as easily be a lifetime achievement anti-award for his years of disservice to his country, but for today I will only focus on his most recent inflammatory comment in the leading tweet.

Chris Kyle, the American war hero that was killed, is thought to be the most heroic (read: deadly) sniper in American history with 160 confirmed kills. Heroic snipers capable of killing 160 pre-terrorists for their anti-American thoughts and words are what make America the country that it is today.

Neo-conservatives, such as former Reagen speechwriter John Podhotetz, were properly outraged:

How dare Ron Paul suggest that taking ex-terrorist killers to a gun range to treat their PTSD might not be a great idea.

For insulting our heroes in such a vicious manner, Ron Paul deserves nothing more than the dishonor of Wisdom Hunt’s Kook of the Week.