Saturday Book Review: Liberty Defined by Ron Paul: Capital Punishment

by wisdomhunt

If I can stomach it, I intend to review Liberty Defined chapter-by-chapter so that you never have to read it.

[Capital punishment] is not only about mistakes that governments make. It is also about the power they wield. If the government can legally kill, it can do just about anything else short of that.

What Dr. Kook Paul assumes in the above quote is that the government is serving as judge, jury and executioner. In fact, the government only serves as judge and executioner. We the people are the jury (unless you are guilty of anti-America pre-criminal thoughts, in which case Obama serves as your judge, jury and executioner, you kook).

I believe that if any entity is to be given (or take if you’re the president) the power to kill another human being then it ought to be the government. The government of the United States is elected by us and composed of our best and brightest. That’s why they serve in the government rather than the parasitic private sector. Who else should be given this power?

So of course, that begs the question as to whether or not anyone should be given this power. If you are going to argue no, then you should realize that you are in the minority and that’s why it is legal. The majority has already voted in our rulers and approved the legislation that allows capital punishment, so it becomes a moot point.

If the majority votes yay, whether the vote is on capital punishment or whether or not you should be forced to join a string quartet, the majority rules and you lose. That’s the beauty of a democracy. We get the government we choose.

That is something a kook anarchist like Dr. Paul will never understand.

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