Patriot of the Week: TSA Bob

by wisdomhunt

The TSA is an agency of heroes. They are the only thing standing between you and a mob of terrorists that want nothing more than to crash your airplane using their shoe or underwear bomb.

Just look at a few of the items on the “Top 10” things they have saved us from in 2011 alone:

10) Snakes, turtles, and birds were found at Miami (MIA) and Los Angeles (LAX). I’m just happy there weren’t any lions, tigers, and bears…
9) A science project shut down a checkpoint at Omaha (OMA). I wonder if mentioning the shutting down of the checkpoint added enough flare to his presentation to score him some bonus points?
8) An artfully concealed non-metallic martial arts weapon called a “Tactical Spike” was found in the sock of a passenger at Pensacola (PNS) after being screened by a body scanner. The only thing I keep in my sock is my foot.
7) Inert landmines were found at Salt Lake City (SLC). I always travel with mine, don’t you???

I don’t even want to imagine the damage that could have been caused by those inert landmines.

Helping to document all the TSA heroics is TSA Bob, the official blogger of the TSA. His blog is a must read and it makes him the heroic face of the TSA for the public.

Congratulations TSA Bob, you are Wisdom Hunt’s Patriot of the Week.