Illinois Shoe Tax

by wisdomhunt

One of the best states in the nation, Illinois, just keeps getting better.

Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the  nation, creating a peaceful Utopia in the Windy City. Chicago also has the highest sales tax in the country (11.5%) and the state  income tax was raised 67% two years ago. Smart tax moves like this are why the state is in such great financial condition. Whenever money can be taken out of the private sector and put to more productive use by the government, you know things are moving in the right direction.

Well the good just keeps getting gooder.

The Illinois state legislature has come up with a brilliant new plan: a 25 cent tax on tennis shoes. Why tennis shoes? Well to help high-school dropouts from low-income homes get jobs in the construction trades or get back on track to attend college, of course. The connection between tennis shoes and helping high school dropouts is obvious, so this is clearly a brilliant idea.

The government will undoubtedly help millions of high school dropouts become successful and productive citizens. Who knows, one of these tennis-shoe funded success stories might become the next great governor of Illinois someday!

The country can only benefit if more states follow the lead of Illinois. If states won ‘t do it, then Obama must. A 5 cent tax on socks and 10 cent tax on hats could do wonders!