Assassination of US Citizens

by wisdomhunt

NBC has decided to imitate Wikileaks and release a 16 page Obama DOJ whitepaper providing the legal basis for Obama to kill US citizens unilaterally. This is not exactly a revelation considering that he already killed US citizen Anwar Awlaki and his 16 year old son.

Nevertheless, the whitepaper is making headlines and should quiet the kooks that claim everything Obama does to expand his power is unconstitutional. Obama now has a legal opinion, provided by lawyers he appointed, confirming his power to assassinate citizens.

There is obviously some nuance here, so let me break it down for you:
1. The US is at war with Al-Qaeda.
2. Al-Qaeda is everywhere, therefore the entire world is a battlefield.
3. Before Al-Qaeda can do any harm to the US, we should kill them pre-emptively for their thoughts of crime.
4. We should also kill anyone that might collude with, fund or even sympathize with Al-Qaeda because they are by extension a terrorist.
5. Expediency is important, so Obama has the power to kill any of these evil-thinkers before they actually do anything and before they can be arrested and given a trial. This includes US citizens.
6. Therefore, Obama can basically kill anyone that he sees fit to kill in the entire world.

This is brilliant. I feel infinitely safer already.

For putting the country at risk by exposing this whitepaper (despite its brilliance), Obama should make the leaker next in line on his disposition matrix.

Sleep safely citizens.