Kook of the Week: Marijuana Dispensary Kingpin

by wisdomhunt

There is an ongoing question as to how Obama and the federal government will treat state laws that conflict with federal laws. This is a particularly hot topic right now due to marijuana laws.

Marijuana is a dangerous drug that is known to have caused people to think time is moving really really really slowly. There should be no mercy for the thugs that provide such drugs to consenting adults.

I believe in a strong central government and I don’t for a second think that a state should be allowed to make a law that violates something that our wise central planners collectively think is a necessary prohibition. Therefore, this week’s Wisdom Hunt Kook of the Week is a marijuana-head that got what he had coming for willfully violating federal laws: Aaron Sandusky.

Aaron Sandusky is a successful marijuana dispensary owner/drug pushing thug. His dispensaries operated legally under California state laws, thereby violating the more important federal laws. In early January, Mr. Sandusky was convicted of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana and intent to distribute. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

We can all sleep safer with this dangerous kookriminal off the streets.