Saturday Book Review: Liberty Defined by Ron Paul: Campaign Finance Reform

by wisdomhunt

If I can stomach it, I intend to review Liberty Defined chapter-by-chapter so that you never have to read it.

The real obscenity is the size of government and its intrusion into every aspect of our economic and personal lives, which generates the financial interest and involvement in elections.

No, the real obscenity would be sitting back and doing nothing while evil corporations, rich capitalists and possibly even foreign countries influence our elections. Yet the alternative Dr. Paul proposes is removing political power and influence, thereby removing the incentive to spend money on elections ($7 billion spent on the 2012 presidential election alone – stimulus!).

Politicians have a lot of power because we need them to make decisions for us. Therefore we have given them (or sometimes they take) a lot of control over every aspect of our lives.

So if you are in favor of campaign finance reform (as you should be), then you should look in a mirror and ask yourself:

  • Do I support the billions of dollars spent on the war on drugs, providing law enforcement something to do and keeping the price of drugs incredibly high so that Mexican cartels become richer?
  • Do I support free healthcare for all, provided through government funds as necessary and funneled through insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies so the those corporations become richer?
  • Do I support government funding for private industries such as green energy, farm subsidies and literally infinite other attempts at picking winners and losers so that companies with government connections, rather than good ideas, become richer?
  • Do I support our military and all of the money spent on weaponry, military bases and personnel overseas so that the weapons companies and other contractors become richer?

Of course you do, so campaign finance reform is necessary. Once again, Dr. (Kook) Paul just doesn’t get it.

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