Patriot of the Week: Barack Obama

by wisdomhunt

There are an infinite number of reasons to honor our Dear Leader, Barack Obama, recently. From gun monopolies to his support of La Anti-Resistance in Mali, he hasn’t disappointed thus far in his second term.

But the reason that I chose him as this week’s Patriot of the Week is that, in the week prior to the biggest American sporting event of the year, Obama had the guts to speak out against football. Specifically, he says that if had had a son, he would have to think “long and hard before I let him play football.”

This is no different than what most Americans are thinking and saying. However, this is the president and any public statements are calculated, so let me read between the lines for you.

Americans have proven time and again that when it comes to our own self-interests, we need the government to decide what is best for us. The mounting evidence against football injuries will not be sufficient for Americans to weigh risk and reward. Obama appears to thrown the first punch in what will likely be an increase of government involvement and regulation of the sport.

So in the mean time, while Obama’s non-existent sons continue not playing football, he will continue to have no problem sending your children to Mali, Afghanistan, etc.

For this selfless act and his even more selfless rhetoric, Obama is a fitting appointee for the Super Bowl edition of Patriot of the Week.