Mali: Vive la Anti-Résistance!

by wisdomhunt

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, the US military has done a heroic job extending the American military empire to all corners of the world.

Well, all corners except Russia, China and most of Africa at least. But now Obama has set out to correct the African portion of that oversight by providing assistance to our ally France in Mali.

Mali is a former French colony and the US trained the rebels there for their coup, but now those same resistance fighters have decided to go al-Qaeda on us (eerily similar to what happened to the American-backed Soviet resistance in Afghanistan).*

So now we have Operation Vive la Anti-Résistance. Another necessary conflict. America’s continued existence hinges on our ability to root out all these super dangerous, terrorists on horseback.

A Currently rotting in Jannah with 72 virgins

We must give our full support to the operation in Mali to root out evil and establish further military presence in places like Mali. By doing this, we can replace the evil with a different, better evil.

Vive la Anti-Résistance!

*One interesting note is that Mali is the third largest gold producer in Africa and a huge potential future source of oil. I have a theory that the vast natural resources in countries such as Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan must do something strange to the water in those countries making everyone crazy terrorists. Inevitably, every country the US must invade and liberate, there are vast resources located there. Bizarre.