Kook of the Week: Anti-Gun Control Sheriffs

by wisdomhunt

Obama has made a valiant attempt to override the checks and balances of the federal government, as well as one of the more dangerous parts of the constitution. He did so by issuing his gun control monopoly executive order.

Unfortunately, a number of rogue sheriffs have now come out and said they won’t comply with the head honcho’s orders.

This makes absolutely no sense. These guys are supposed to be keeping us safe from the gun-toting kooks, yet they aren’t in favor of a gun monopoly?

The only logical reason I can think of for this insubordination is that these sheriffs are worried that America will become such a non-violent utopia post-gun monopoly that they won’t be needed any longer.

For putting their own interests ahead of our right to defend ourselves from tyranny and criminals, they earn the dishonor of Wisdom Hunt’s Kook of the Week.