Patriot of the Week: Jack Lew

by wisdomhunt

Unless your business is “green” investments, you probably haven’t heard of this person:


What about this guy (not the one behind the podium):

Still not sure? Well that is the signature and signature smile of the next United States Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, who has been appointed by Obama to replace Tim Geithner. Thanks to the wisdom of Obama, you will soon be seeing this “unique” signature on all of your valuable United States Federal Reserve Notes.

More importantly, he is Wisdom Hunt’s inaugural Patriot of the Week.

Lew’s background is perfect for the position of Treasury Secretary. His most recent accomplishments include a stint in the Clinton administration prior to joining Citigroup in 2006. During his time at Citigroup, he utilized his government connections to secure government (please don’t call them taxpayer) funds for public-private partnerships (please don’t call it crony-capitalism). These included such successful ventures such as coal gasification and other businesses that would benefit from climate change legislation and greenhouse gas credits.

To reward him for his success, Citigroup paid Lew a bonus of $944,518 in 2008. This was shortly after Citigroup was bailed out by the government, showing that Lew must have been really good at his job because even upon departure he was able to secure government funds. It is exactly this type of wisdom and craftiness that Lew will need to continue to do his part as a patriot to advance the interests of the United States of America.

And as Treasury Secretary Lew will continue to receive government funds, this time in the form of a salary.

Jack Lew: a fitting in appointee as both Treasury Secretary and Wisdom Hunt’s inaugural Patriot of the Week.