Fiscal Cliff Easter Eggs

by wisdomhunt

Make it rain, Buffet!

Crisis averted.

The fiscal cliff deal was passed just in the nick of time to prevent a horrific something-or-other from happening to the government.

So now it is time to do what congress probably didn’t have time to do before approving this necessary bill: read it.

Well the details are coming in and it is even better than I assumed. Taxes are going up for every single working American (due to the expiration of the 2% payroll tax break), but they are especially going up for the rich. This should help shift money out of the unproductive labor and capital sector that supply things people want and need into the government sector where it can be spent more productively.

As if this wasn’t enough goodness, the bill also helps some of our most vital government friends by extending $76 billion in tax credits to GE, Hollywood and Warren Buffet. These tax credits were undoubtedly granted because of how crucial these businesses are to America and have nothing to do with government favors (AKA crony capitalism). The government knows exactly how much everyone should be paying to make things “fair” and we should trust them to do the right thing at all times.

Besides, I’m sure Buffet will give a large portion of his share back.