Justin Amash: Mr. No Becomes Mr. Maybe

by wisdomhunt

It appears that terrorist-coddling Justin Amash is starting to come to his senses regarding the fiscal cliff:

Everything needs to be considered to ease the country’s debt burden, said Rep. Justin Amash of Cascade Township, a Republican with libertarian views. “I don’t think it would be a good idea to raise tax rates,” he said, but added, “I am not going to take anything off the table if we can resolve some of our biggest issues as a country.”

I completely agree with Amash here. You cannot take anything off the table – most importantly you cannot take take tax increases off the table.

The implications of reducing, or even leaving tax rates alone, is that we would also be forced to reduce the beneficial government spending that has driven up our debt. This would be a disaster to our Keynesian economy.

So it appears that I will have to back off Amash after all. He is not a kook libertarian in the slightest.

Thank goodness.  It now appears that no one in government will be carrying on the legacy of the retired kook Ron Paul (especially not his son).