Civilian Drone Scare Tactics: Irony Edition

by wisdomhunt

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million and one more: bring on the drones.

The kooks want you to be scared of drones and even went so far as to trumpet the works of vandalism like the poster above by some worthless “artist”.  Just like so many other street artists, he is clueless and just wants attention for “punking” the NYPD.

The only reason to fear drones if you are a marijuana-head or some other sort similarly dangerous criminal.

Well relish the irony because the criminal behind this vandalism campaign has been tracked down and arrested using surveillance techniques that he was so worried about.

Somehow I doubt that his own arrest will change his mindset, but perhaps a few months of NDAAment in Guantanamo will.

Once again citizens, sleep safely in the knowledge that big brother is watching [out for] you.