Ron Paul Farewell Speech

by wisdomhunt

In just one rambling speech Dr. Kook, Ron Paul, managed to slander everything that America currently stands for:

He attacks the good people of the TSA, CIA and FBI that are keeping us safe from terrorists.

He attacks the war on drugs that is crippling the drug-supplying cartels and keeping us safe from drug-related violence.

He attacks the drones that are killing bad guys (mostly) while keeping our military out of harm’s way and detaching us from the destruction.

He attacks the government welfare entitlement system that helps both the rich and poor; the poor via handouts and the rich via crony capitalism.

He attacks Keynesian economics, the largest single wealth-creating philosophy in history.

He attacks the Federal Reserve system that facilitates all of the government’s many great actions, home and abroad.

He even attacks the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA that allows the government to indefinitely lock up American citizens they decide are enemies.

The only positive aspect of the speech is in the title: Farewell.

Good riddance, kook.

Link to full text of the speech.

Link to mp3 audio of speech.