The 2012 Elections: Almost Perfect

by wisdomhunt

I woke up this morning with a fresh new spring in my step. Another election cycle down and more of the same policies that have made us such a great nation over the last twelve years.

I am ashamed to admit that four years ago I was pretty worried about Barack Obama. All his talk about leaving Afghanistan, closing Guantanamo, reforming the Patriot Act and his soft stance on marijuana had me really worried.

Luckily for America, he broke all those promises (and how!)

Fast forward to 2012. Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama. Coke versus Pepsi. Once Ron Paul was officially out, I knew that the country would be in good hands for the foreseeable future.

But still, the election wasn’t perfect.

Of course, I’m referring to Ted Yoho, Walter Jones and Justin “Terrorist-coddling” Amash.

All three were endorsed by the new kook kingmaker, Ron Paul. All three are anti-war. All three are anti-NDAA.

Yet somehow, all three won their Congressional races (easily).

So as we celebrate the fourth consecutive term of George W. Bush, do not become complacent because things are almost perfect.

There continues to be disinformation and misinformation out there to combat. Educate yourself and others.