Latest Polls: Amash and Yoho

by wisdomhunt

Ron Paul-endorsed congressional candidates Justin Amash and Ted Yoho need to be stopped.

Luckily, in a poll of 400 people, Amash is now behind Steve Pestka (28.5% of those polled were still undecided).

Considering that Michigan is one of the most prosperous states in the union, a healthy dose of the status quo is exactly what is needed to maintain that prosperity. Pestka is the right candidate to return Michigan back to the status quo.

Yoho unfortunately is polling at 56% and his challenger, Democrat J.R. Gaillot, is poling at only 31%. In other words, Florida’s District 3 is in big trouble because things are sewn up.

Therefore my wise recommendation is as follows:

Supporters of Pestka and Gaillot should stay home Tuesday.

My reasoning is that Pestka is obviously pretty much a lock with a 1% lead. Don’t waste your time and gas money voting for him. Instead, do a noble deed for the day by making a donation to the federal government.

Supporters of Gaillot clearly have a lot of common sense, so they should probably start packing their bags if they haven’t already done so and get out of town.

I would suggest moving to the soon-to-be Pestka territory of the Michigan 3rd District.