Coke or Pepsi?

by wisdomhunt

I’m going to give you a break from all the heavy political and economic thought this Friday to discuss something else that I am passionate about: Coca-Cola.

Coke is infinitely better than Pepsi. There really is no comparison. This is not an opinion.

I grew up drinking Coke. My parents grew up drinking Coke. Of course, their parents always chose the red can as well.

It is better than Pepsi for so many reasons: the shape of the can, the marketing, the worldwide adoration, and of course, the taste.

I have an acquaintance that disagrees with me. He insists Pepsi is better and we get into some passionate arguments about it.

He grew up drinking Pepsi. His parents grew up drinking Pepsi. His parents’ parents always chose the blue can as well.

In other words, he comes from a long line of imbeciles.

But at least he is better than our mutual acquaintance that doesn’t even drink cola. I can’t fathom what he is thinking. Pepsi and Coke spend so much money to maintain their power, how can somebody really refuse cola completely?

Anyhow, yesterday he challenged me and the Pepsi idiot to a taste test challenge.

I wasn’t worried. I hate Pepsi so much that there was no way he could trick me into choosing the blue can. If anything, Mr. Pepsi would finally come to his senses when he got to experience cola from the red can and join the right (Coke!) team.

Well long story short, the non-cola-drinking kook obviously switched the cups or blended them or something. According to him, I couldn’t tell my beloved red Coke from the evil blue Pepsi when we did a direct comparison.

The Pepsi guy couldn’t tell either. The entire thing was a farce.

The conclusion that I drew from the entire exercise, and the reason I decided to post this today, is that in the end both the Coke and Pepsi drinkers should agree that at least we get to choose between the awesome red or blue cans.

When you walk into the cola section at the grocery store, all you see is red and blue. The money they have thrown behind their education (some call it marketing) efforts have crushed all the upstarts that have tried to challenge them in the cola game.

So in the end, I think both Pepsi and Coke drinkers can agree that either cola tastes delicious at first sip (although if the kooks are to be believed, they will poison you in the long run) and the entire world is better off because America only gets to choose between two things are really just the same: red or blue (although Coke is still infinitely better).