More Dangerous Jury Nullification Nonsense Featuring the Weedman

by wisdomhunt

Another jury, this time in New Jersey, has decided to take the law into their own hands.

I have told you before why jury nullification is such a dangerous idea. We simply cannot have a society taking the power of legislation away from government rulers and deciding on their own what is legal and illegal.

Well that is exactly what appears to be happening in several states now as New Jersey has joined New Hampshire in not convicting an individual for possession of lethal amounts of Marijuana for personal use.

The New Jersey case involves the Weedman who was arrested for possessing a pound of marijuana. Possessing that much marijuana, under federal law, should be a slam dunk prosecution for intent to distribute.

The Weedman brought up nullification in his trial and was quickly shut up by the judge (and rightly so). Nevertheless, the jury came back with a unanimous “not guilty”.

I’ll just end by saying what I said previously:

Jury nullification is a dangerous idea that needs to be stamped out immediately. Morals and “conscience” are a myth. There are only laws.