Beautiful Drones

by wisdomhunt

Drones have been getting some mildly less positive coverage in the press lately (and wrongfully so).

So I was cheered to see a beautiful drone porn post over at Gear Patrol.

With drones rapidly being deployed over US airspace, it is imperative that we get the word out about how safe this will make America.

Gear Patrol is doing its part. They normally only post about cool new gadgets and manly tools, so this was a welcome surprise amidst all the new Apple products yesterday:

Killer missiles! Literally!

Despite a stellar casualty rate of 1 terrorist to only 50 civilians slaughtered, drones enjoy an astoundingly low approval rating in America of only 62%!

Hopefully beautiful posts like what Gear Patrol has done will help get the drone approval rating up to where it should be at about 100% (give or take 0% or so).

I definitely recommend that you contact Gear Patrol via either Twitter or Facebook to let them know exactly how you feel about their drone porn.