The McGovern Report

by wisdomhunt

Yesterday, George McGovern passed away. He was a former Congressman from South Dakota and Democratic presidential candidate in 1972.

One of his greatest contributions to America came during his time as chair of the United States Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs. The committee’s purpose was to study hunger in the United States. However, as good government committees are apt to do, the role expanded quickly.

In 1977, McGovern and crew issued a report entitled Dietary Goals for the United States, also known as the McGovern Report.

The report included one of the first recommendations in a formal government report to eat less saturated fat, less cholesterol and more complex carbohydrates. This helped America by vilifying saturated fats to the benefit of vegetable oils (unsaturated fats) and carbohydrates.

The results speak for themselves:

The McGovern Report is yet another example of government improving our lives through regulation and legislation. Imagine how much worse things would be without the government policing of our foods.

Consider this when you are debating how to vote on issues such as Prop 37 in California.