CISPA: Executive Order Update

by wisdomhunt

It has been over a month since I told you (first!) that Obama is going to bypass our current do-nothing Congress and get internet regulation mandated.

Well we must be getting close because the AP is now reporting the same.

Our internet needs protection. It is an out-of-control area of our economy that is woefully free of government regulation. This is a recipe for disaster. Lack of regulation is also likely to blame for the slow growth of the internet since Greenspan’s Fed put the brakes on the money supply back in 2000:

Like so many areas (well, all areas actually) of our life, government regulation will be crucial to growth going forward (see my post on Prop 37). That is not debated (except by kooks).

The more exciting aspect of this legislation is that it is being created via executive order from the president. If Congress is not willing to pass laws then what use are they? Their only other job seems to be to coin money, but they don’t even do that.

So once again, good work Obama. If Congress doesn’t give you the power you want, then by God take it.