Don’t Fret: The GOP Won’t Cut Spending

by wisdomhunt

If you’re one of the few Americans who had not decided who they were voting for long before a GOP nominee was even appointed, you might be a little worried about Mitt Romney. I would be too after reading tweets like this:

If you have even a basic understanding of Keynesian economics, this should worry you. Any cuts to spending right now (while we’re still trying to dig ourselves out of the Bush-caused Great Recession of 2008) would be absolutely destructive to the US economy.

Well stop worrying. As I’ve said in the past, you really can’t make a wrong decision (unless you don’t choose Democrat or Republican this November.)

As has been the case for the last 70 years, spending will keep going up to keep our economy strong. Just try to figure out whether Democrats or Republicans were in charge based on this chart:

Government Spending

You can’t tell, can you? That’s because there won’t be any difference.

So stop worrying and just make sure that WHEN you vote, it is for either Obama or Romney.

If you can’t decide, just close your eyes and push a button if necessary (just make sure you don’t accidentally hit a Kook party candidate like Gary Johnson).