Entrapment is Still NOT a (FBI) Crime

by wisdomhunt

Eerily similar to the recent terrorist attack attempt in Chicago (and Cleveland, Chicago again, and elsewhere), the heroes of the FBI have thwarted yet another horrific terrorist attack attempt.

Once again, the FBI provided an impressionable 21 year old kook with what he believed were explosives and then arrested him for it.

So thank you FBI for yet again pushing impressionable (possibly mentally impaired) individuals into attempting acts of terrorism by egging them on and providing them fake bombs, targets and logistical assistance.

They could never have done it without you, and if they hadn’t then you wouldn’t be able to thwart another attack. It is a real life chicken and egg problem, and the FBI is the poultry farmer.

Send this kook to a military prison for life.

Another (inert) bullet dodged. Sleep safely, citizens.