Justin Amash: UPDATE

by wisdomhunt

To expand on my earlier post about terrorist coddling Justin Amash, MLive has just reported:

GRAND RAPIDS, MI ā€” Incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Justin Amash may be ahead of challenger Steve Pestka in the polls, but the latter is winning the TV ad wars, as far as prevalence goes.

Analysis of public records from WOOD (Channel 8), WXMI (FOX 17), WZZM 13 and Kalamazoo-based WWMT (Channel 3) show Pestka, a Democrat and small business owner, has outspent Amash on TV ads, with hundreds of thousands of dollars expended for hundreds of spots.

Despite this, Pestka remains behind in polls and, according to campaign finance reports released this week, has had to inject his own campaign with $1.05 million.

You can ignore that past paragraph about Pestka remaining “behind in the polls”. He is sure to beat Amash if he injected $1.05 million (with an M) of his own money into his campaign.

If Amash wants to win, he needs to stop reading Hayek and start applying a little Keynesian economics to his campaign strategy: spend spend spend.