Ron Paul Endorses Ted Yoho

by wisdomhunt

People are fed up with the career politicians who created this mess or failed to prevent it and neither was acceptable, and the only way we could change that was by sending a different type of person to Washington.
~Ted Yoho

I beg to differ, Ted. If people were fed up then we wouldn’t be fighting over Obama/Biden v. Romney/Ryan. If people were fed up then we’d be fighting over Obama/Biden v. Paul/Napolitano. The “people” however said: we’re doing just fine, thank you.

Thus, Ron Paul is finally retiring because nobody (kooks don’t count) wanted him to be president. The closest he ever came in polling was leading Obama head-to-head, so he clearly wasn’t electable and the GOP had to dump him.

Rather than disappearing quietly though, he apparently is going to take down some congressional candidates with him.

Over the weekend, he gave his endorsement to Ted Yoho, congressional candidate in Florida’s third district.

According to the press release, Yoho “thanked” the kook for his support. If he was smart though, it would have been through gritted teeth.

Ron Paul’s endorsement is the kiss of death, and apparently he will be ruining the career of 11 other house candidates before he backs down. If there was one thing I would want to know when deciding to vote Democrat or Republican in each race I could vote on, it would be “did Doctor Kook endorse this candidate?” If the answer is “yes”, then I’m voting the other way.

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