Seattle Anarchists Jailed

by wisdomhunt

If you have noticed that America is just a little safer lately, it is because these villains are in prison where they belong:

On July 25th, they were arrested in relation to the Seattle May Day incident when a bunch of Seattle kooks broke things. These individuals weren’t involved, but they might know people that know people, so it’s all the same.

The FBI was looking for anarchist literature, among other things, which would prove beyond a doubt they are kooks (or opening a library).

So basically, they are proven terrorists because they have political beliefs outside the norms of America (so more than a sprinkle of anarcho-liberalism). Sympathizers are outraged, which is good because their broadcasting of their outrage will lead the FBI right to the next crop of kooks to arrest.

So if you were wondering why we so desperately needed the indefinite detention clause of the NDAA, why the NSA has warrantless wiretapping and why we so desperately need CISPA here you go.

If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear and everything to gain from these laws. Just don’t question government authority, kooks. It isn’t that tough of a concept.

The FBI is doing the right thing here. It gets these kooks off the street and also sends a message to others questioning the government to stop.

I’d say that we should do more to get info out of these kooks, but they probably already are.